Supplier Consolidation

Supplier Consolidation

AIP has the ability to consolidate products from hundreds of manufacturers to reduce your supplier base, and in turn improve your inventory, efficiency and overall costs.

Single Source Supply

It costs money to cut a purchase order. Current estimates place that value between $70 and $100 per purchase order. AIP has made its name with our customers by striving to be everything they need in one location, thereby helping to reduce costs associated with multiple purchase orders. To do that, we have developed long-term relationships with our large supply base so that we can competitively quote—not only the products we represent but most products in the market. For our largest customers, we currently supply more than 3,000 different manufacturers. AIP can use its experience and buying power to help reduce both your supply base and operating costs.

Consolidation of Manufacturers

Not only does AIP offer broad product support, we also have a technical staff that understands every product and its application. We use our expertise to help our customers evaluate their product inventories.

Many manufacturers in the market offer products that perform the same function, some of which are brand labeled by multiple companies. AIP helps its customers consolidate their inventory by evaluating their product types, manufacturers, part numbers, and applications and by making recommendations.

For example, a customer asked us to evaluate their proximity sensor stock. It had more than 360 different part numbers stocked between 12 different manufacturers. Many of those part numbers were the exact same part but from different manufacturers. AIP was able to successfully consolidate the products down to 98 part numbers and three manufacturers without affecting production.

Let us help you evaluate your stock and save on inventory costs!

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