Industrial Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

AIP helps customers reduce the amount of energy their plants are using to increase cost savings.

Today we hear the term “green” everywhere: in our vehicles, devices, waste, appliances and more. AIP helps its customers become more energy efficient every day with the right pump, fan, compressor or HVAC system. Many applications will see a return on investment (ROI) in less than one year. Additionally, many states and power providers also offer incentives that can result in thousands of dollars in energy rebates.

For example, AIP installed almost $300,000 worth of inverters to a customer’s HVAC supply and return motors. After the solution was in place, the customer reported savings of more than $37,000 a month—that’s an annual energy savings of $444,000! The customer also received an $80,000 energy rebate from its power supplier. It saw an ROI in less than seven months. To date that project has saved the customer more than $1.6 million in energy costs.

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