AIP offers automation, panel, industrial, safety, fluid power and mechanical products from top vendors.


AIP’s automation specialists support a complete line of automation products including AC/DC motors and drives, servo and stepper motors, PLCs and robots. Learn more

Panel Products

Our customers have access to quality electrical enclosures, panel interface boxes, push buttons and pilot lights, terminal blocks, transformers, panel meters and temperature and process controllers. Learn more

Industrial Products

Tapping into an extensive vendor base, AIP provides a variety of quality industrial components: industrial control equipment and systems, power distribution equipment and systems, sensor cables and more! Learn more


We carry a variety of safety devices such as safety light curtains, safety scanners, safety mats and interlock switches for a number of industrial applications. Learn more

Fluid Power

AIP maintains extensive inventory of the most innovative fluid power products including pneumatic cylinders, actuators, tubing and fittings, air preparation equipment, valves and more. Learn more


AIP supports a large selection of mechanical products such as gear reducers and gear motors, variable speed drives, linear motion components, bearings, motors, controls and more. Learn more

Aluminum Compressed Air Piping

AIP can install aluminum compressed air piping that delivers air and inert gas in the most efficient and cost-effective way. The result? Increased productivity and improvement to your bottom line. Learn more